As an independent provider of controls and automation services, DCTech will always assist you in selecting the platform which best integrates with your organization’s needs, culture and facilities. Unlike many of our competitors, DCTech is not contractually limited to offering just one platform. Instead, we can choose from among all available platforms and technologies to ensure that the solution you need is the solution you receive.

When designing a system our engineers work to evaluate and select the platform that will maximize the effectiveness of your technological investment. Our extensive knowledge of Siemens, AB, ABB, Emerson, and others, and our status as an independent consulting firm is your promise that we will always design the optimal system for you.

Our comprehensive system design will incorporate:

  • Manufacturing needs
  • Business System Integration
  • Organizational Resources and Capabilities
  • Budgetary Constraints
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Best Practices
  • Security Expectations

Our goal is to ensure the system we design for you is cost-effective, appropriate and aligned with your organization’s capabilities.

Every system we design is thoroughly reviewed in our state of the art testing facility before start-up commences.  Our comprehensive review allows us to thoroughly debug our programs in a safe, controlled environment which greatly enhances safety and helps minimize our customers’ downtime.

Our team does not work for platform developers such as Siemens, AB, ABB, Emerson, or others. We work for you.


My experience with DCTech was very positive...I looked forward to review sessions and appreciate the way they professionally challenged our team to make our system better. Their development of a simulator to our process paid great dividends in troubleshooting, training and deployment. [I] have recommended DCTech to multiple end users,...their approach to providing the best control system possible should be considered for all projects.

~ Senior Project Engineer in Pittsburgh, PA

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