Process Automation and Real-Time Data Collection

Staying competitive in the modern manufacturing landscape is a challenge. Customers expect high quality products on time, every time, and you need to be prepared to deliver on those expectations. As your business grows and customer demands become more sophisticated, your strategies need to adapt. Manufacturers normally use a business system like an ERP to help manage their operations at scale. However, an ERP may not give you all the information you need. It may be too broad in scope, or incapable of directly working with controls systems altogether. To make smarter decisions about operations, manufacturers will complement their ERP with a Manufacturing Execution System, or MES.

An MES is designed to collect real-time data directly from your production environment. Once collected, this data is used by engineers and operators to make more informed decisions, and by planners and schedulers to ensure your production remains as efficient as possible. Today, MES is a critical component of industrial automation. When implemented correctly, an MES can minimize the effects of error-prone tasks like manual data entry or data gathering. It can also dramatically increase the visibility of your operations to aid in performance improvements and maintenance demands.

Although out-of-the-box MES solutions are available, they frequently leave organizations dissatisfied. These pre-packaged solutions are clunky, and have a one-size-fits-all approach which may not work easily with your processes or business software. Because they are not tailored to suit your specific needs, you could end up making a costly mistake. We like to call these pre-packaged solutions a “MESS in-a-box,” because that’s frequently what you get: a MESS!

The MES solution from DCTech is both tailored and state-of-the-art. Our design is centered around your desire for improved processes and increased productivity. Our MES will grow and change with your business and operations thanks to its highly dynamic nature. Key benefits of our MES include:

  • Flexibility. Our MES integrates with your ERP solutions by connecting to its database. This ensures maximum compatibility.
  • Scalability. An MES from DCTech utilizes your existing controls management software to obtain information about your operations, including from IoT and physical controls. If you decide to add devices in the future, the MES will automatically know about it from the existing management software.
  • Accessibility. Our MES is a web-first solution, meaning that no special software other than a modern web browser is required.

Contact us today to see how our MES can fit into your growth strategy.