Industrial Networking

A Stable and Secure Foundation for Connected Operations

Organizations looking to automate their operations require a solid communications framework. Using modern IT networking practices and OT knowledge, networks can be created that are flexible, scalable, and resilient. These networks differ from legacy industrial networks because they bring your controls data to your business applications quickly and safely, and they reduce difficulties in your operations and maintenance departments.

DCTech understands the networking technologies of both the IT and OT spaces. We have successfully designed and implemented modern industrial controls networks using well trusted and understood technologies from Rockwell Automation, Cisco, Stratus, VMware, and Veeam. Our networks support a wide variety of controls devices, use the latest in virtualization technologies, are fault-tolerant at each level of the network, and utilize industry-standard security protocols and controls.

Further, DCTech has the expertise to connect your industrial network with you enterprise network. The full performance of Automation 5.0 is realized when your business systems are able to obtain data from your industrial systems in real-time. A properly designed and implemented network is secure enough to prevent the most sophisticated cyberattacks, and usable enough so that your key decision makers get the information they need fast. Our networks are compliant with the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) architecture, described by Cisco. This means that not only is your network secure, but functional and future-proof as well.

To learn more about our industrial network offerings, contact our networking experts today.