Panel Fabrication

Electrical and Industrial Control Panel Manufacturing Services

DCTech has been designing, fabricating, and installing custom control panels for 24 years. Our panels are manufactured with the highest quality workmanship, and are guaranteed to meet and exceed all your safety requirements. As part of a controls system package from DCTech, we offer you the option to use our in-house panel fabrication services. This is an exclusive offer extended only to our automation customers.

At DCTech, we control every aspect of the build process, from parts acquisition to fabrication. Our panels are always clean and easy to maintain. Every component is labeled down to the very last wire. More importantly, our panels are built with safety as a priority.

Our Panel Build Methodology


Our panels are designed and built in compliance with UL 508A specifications. Our designs consider critical factors such as physical layout, thermal concerns, spare space requirements, electrical requirements, networking, and grounding.

During the design process, our engineers work closely with our customers, thus ensuring that we have a complete understanding of our client’s requirements and expectations. Our commitment to proper planning and clear communication assures that we achieve the desired result the first time.

Parts Acquisition

DCTech has relationships with industry-leading vendors which allow us to purchase parts at competitive prices. With our exclusive panel build service, you are guaranteed access to the highest quality components sourced directly from licensed distributors.


All DCTech panels are built start-to-finish in our Northeast Ohio facility. This location is in close proximity to our engineering offices, meaning that dynamic feedback between our fab and engineering teams occurs regularly.

Our facility is equipped with all of the required specialized tooling and testing equipment to expedite the production of your enclosures. Each panel is verified point-to-point by one of our senior technicians during and after the build.

Types of panels we fabricate include:

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Network Communication Control Panels
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Junction Boxes
  • HMI Operator Panels
  • And Many Others


Before a panel leaves our facility, it is subjected to a rigorous testing regimen. All DCTech panels are built to UL 508A specifications. DCTech has a thoroughly documented testing and quality check procedure that is followed by all our technicians at each phase of the build process. If requested, DCTech offers on-site Factory Acceptance Testing so that the customer can verify the results of our work before the panel ships.


Once a panel has passed our testing phase, DCTech will arrange delivery at your convenience. We are able to ship nationally using a variety of methods and carriers, or we can use a provider of your choosing.


If you choose, DCTech can assist in the installation process. Our industrial relationships include a team of skilled electricians who can help evaluate environmental constraints, physical placement of the panel, conduit routing, and more.

Commission and Startup

Once your panel has been installed, DCTech will commission and integrate it. Our startup process is thorough and safe. We work closely with your team to ensure that the panel functions as expected and the new technology is clearly understood.